Because the present brings us signals from the future I am driven to imagine future scenarios, and think about future problems and solutions.
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Organisations I've worked in doing service design:

I grew up speaking Portuguese but I also understand English (Spanish and French if spoken slowly). I have a diverse set of interests. I currently live in London. I believe reducing the existing friction in the service sector is key to give citizens a sense of trust, agency and wellbeing. I believe democratic procedures and monetary mechanisms need to be sophisticated to decrease inequality and increase the levels of interpersonal trust, and I am convinced that humans will slowly free themselves from most forms of hard labour rendering mainstream economic ideologies less useful. I would like to live in some place next to the beach and have friends over regularly.

Current position: service design senior consultant at EY - Seren
Practice: service design, communication design, education, programmer
Education: Royal College of Art (Service Design MA); University of the Arts London (PG Cert); University of Porto (Communication Design, Licentiateship 5 year degree / MA equivalent); IEFP (Management & Accounting Techniques short course 350 hours)
Covid19 project: designing the Technical Moodle for all Central Saint Martins' technical departments (online teaching platform)

Career: advertising & graphic design industry, education, web developer, system & service design
Team management experience: Central Saint Martins (Digital Media department 12 people); Loft Coworking Studio (11 people)
Research: economics, programming, monetary theory

I'm hoping to jump on something new (mixed reality, blockchain infrastructures, digital content distribution) or help existing organisations effectively plan and design new services or improve their existing services.

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Footfall App

Project to deliver a working POC to accurately measure footfall in a variety of environments such as shopping centers, stadiums and transport hubs. Deliverables included a fully functional app and the development of an IoT sensor

service design, full stack development, business strategy
role played: full stack development, UX/UI design, business strategy


Consultancy report for a marketplace company which included in-depth market research, a high level GTM strategy based on a multi-brand approach stemming from a proposed brand Oozeco — an environmentally conscious food delivery service

service design, UX/UI design, branding & business strategy, consultancy
role played: research, ideation, UX/UI design, branding & business strategy

UNIT – money as a public service

Speculative design project focused on a timespan from 10 to 20 years from now, imagining future scenarios. I’ve kept a live website to prototype with partners, specialists, casual visitors, exposing the process, looking for constant criticism.

service design, speculative design, storytelling, research
role played: all (MA final project)

Organisations I've worked in doing service design: